Cool and Cold Wines

cold wines

Welcome to, the place where we will educate you about wine on the finer points of picking cool wines. Learning about wines is not a daunting task, all you need to have is an active interest about wine and the rest will fall into place. All wines taste slightly different to different people, this means that your interpretation of a wine is technically never wrong ! It’s concieveable that you will notice different things than the person beside you

Learning about Wine

We aim to bring you the best advice about such things as:

  • Picking the right wine to go with the right meal
  • How to know if a bottle of wine is corked
  • What temperature should wine be
  • Good red/white wines
  • Storing good wine
  • Cooking with wine, what wines make great sauce, etc

We are very passionate about our drinking, be it drinking a young Italian red wine from Tuscany or an Australian Shiraz. Wine is a lot more than fermented grape juice, rather is it a labor of love between the grower and his vines to deliver a great product that he is proud of to the customer’s table. Wine is grown all around the world, and the top producing countries (in decreasing order) are France, Italy , Spain, United States and Argentina. We hope you enjoy our site, and do feel free to contact us with your comments.
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Wine Blog Guide

Every week we post some advice on wine on our wine blog, so do check it out !